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Appointments Booked Monthly



Number of No Shows (23.4%)



Lost Monthly Revenue without Remind Memo (In Dollars)



Savings with Remind Memo (In Dollars)



Eliminate 39% of 'No-show' Clients Today

RemindMemo reminds your patients and customers of their appointments online - Increase Your Revenue Substantially.

  • Send your clients automatic text reminders, voice calls, or emails even if the appointment is months from now.

  • Set and forget appointment reminder scheduling. No need for making phone calls. Takes 30 Seconds.

  • Create discrete reminders for their privacy. Personalize every reminder sent to your patient or client.

  • Instant notification if your patients confirm appointments, or need a call back for you & your staff.

  • Getting started is 100% free. Capture Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue. Try It Now.

Everyone Loves RemindMemo

“We estimate that we have increased our patient care revenue by $474,000 since we moved to an automated confirmation system.”

University of Rochester Medical Center

Successful Companies Use Automated Texting to Increase Their Business


“When our four-physician practice purchased the reminder system, our no-shows totaled more than 100 visits per month. After using the reminder system No-Shows are down by more than 50 visits per month. Now that we have a reminder system we feel more justified in charging no-show fees for an additional $6,000 a year in income.

Bradley M. Block, MD

How It Works In 3 Steps

Fail-Proof System For Reminding Clients Of Appointments

Schedule the Reminder
1 Log-In to RemindMemo. Enter the date and time of your client's appointment. Next Enter their cell phone number, voice mail number, and/or email address & click save.
Reminder Sent Automaticlly
2 RemindMemo automatically sends a reminder to your patient or client 24-72 hours before their scheduled appointment via email, voicemail and/or text message.
Patient/Client Shows Up
3 Client confirms appointment and confirmation is sent to you through RemindMemo. Your % of No-Shows is greatly reduced & you enjoy more revenue for your business.

“Our study demonstrated that sending appointment reminders in SMS text message format to the mobile telephones of patients or their carriers is an efficient and effective means of improving attendance at outpatient clinic appointments. We found that the FTA [Fail to Attend] rate in our hospital’s outpatient clinics was significantly lower in a group sent an SMS text reminder compared with a similar group not sent a reminder (14.2% v 23.4%).

Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

110% Commitment to Safety and Security

RemindMemo is fully HIPPA Compliant. In addition, RemindMemo ensures absolute privacy of your data (and your clients or patients). RemindMemo uses 256-bit SSL encryption by RapidSSL and GeoTrust, and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. RemindMemo incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.

Access Anywhere

RemindMemo is always available for you to access no matter where you are in the world via all modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc). In addition, you can download all the files and data from your account every month using a secure link created just for you.

Online Security

Your connection with RemindMemo is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology. The information stored in's S3 data centers is accessible only by SSL encrypted endpoints. Your data in RemindMemo is safer and more secure than with most online applications and is even safer than traditional offline storage.

Multiple Backups

RemindMemo stores user data in's S3 data centers. RemindMemo creates weekly backups and stores them in our secure Amazon S3 data center account. This ensures that your data is never lost, and that your clients’ data is kept safe and secure.

"SMS reminders appear to be a simple and efficient option for health services to use to improve service delivery, as well as resulting in health benefits for the patients who receive the reminders. Short message service reminders in health care settings substantially increase the likelihood of attending clinic appointments."

Health Services Research

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Questions & Answers

What is Remind Memo?

RemindMemo helps medical practices, professionals, or any small business that schedules appointments with their patients, clients or customers keep your schedules full by reducing or eliminating no-shows. This is done via automated voice phone reminders, text reminders, or our reminder email service. You can schedule all three methods, just one method or any two methods. Just ask your patients or clients which method they prefer.

What will my patients hear when they receive reminder calls?

For Voice over phone reminders, you have a couple of options. You can record your own greeting in your voice to your computer and upload it to our system. When RemindMemo makes a call, it will play your message first. It will then read out loud anything you typed in the text field for that reminder. Lastly, it will read the appointment day and time to them via a text-to-speech (computer voice) function. It then repeats to ensure the patient or client heard the message.

If you do not record a message, RemindMemo will simply convert any text you entered into the reminder into speech and read it out loud to your customer, followed by the date and time of the appointment reminder. It then repeats to ensure the patient or client heard the message.

For healthcare practices, are all communications HIPAA/HITECH secure?

Yes. RemindMemo is checked for HIPAA/HITECH compliance on a continuing basis.

We already give reminders by making phone calls manually. I prefer the "personal touch". Why would I use an automated appointment reminder service like Remind Memo?

How often does you or your staff encounter a voice mail system or answering machine when making these calls? Its probably more often then not, so when you leave a message, its no more personal than if you used Remind Memo to pre-record your message and have our system leave the message on your patient's voice mail.

Can I have patients confirm appointments when they receive their reminder call?

Yes. RemindMemo prompts a patient to confirm or reschedule their appointment. This feature is also available for all lines of communication - phone, text and email.

What happens if the reminder call is answered by voice mail or by an answering machine?

RemindMemo can detect whether the call was answered by a person or by an automated answering service (ie. voicemail, answering machine). If an answering machine picks up, RemindMemo 'waits for the beep', then leaves your message. If your system is set up to collect a confirmation from the patient, it will not be collected if an answering machine is detected.

What happens when the reminder call is answered by a person when reminder call is placed?

If a person answers, RemindMemo relays the appointment reminder via speech (first it plays your recorded message if any, then it converts the appointment day and time to speech and reads it out loud to them, then asks them to confirm.

Is my data secure and safe?

Yes. Your data is securely transmitted over the internet using 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. Once the data reaches RemindMemo, our servers employ firewalls to protect it from intruders. Additionally, your data is encrypted via SSL when backed up on Amazon S3.

Is anything or any software installed on my computer to use the service?

No software is installed on your computer. All information is sent, received, and viewed online.

How do I know if my patient or customer has received my reminder (voice over text, phone, and/or email) when using RemindMemo?

Simply view the calendar screen in your RemindMemo account. You will see any pending (scheduled, but unsent) reminders in grey, sent reminders in yellow, confirmed reminders in green, and reminders where the patient or client needs a call back in red. To make it easy to remember, there is a legend with the colors that you can refer to on the calendar screen.

My patients say they haven't received any automated reminder calls. What happened?

There are several possible reasons for this. Check the following:

  1. Did you use the correct phone number for texts? This can only be a cell phone. Most land lines cannot receive texts.

  2. Did you use the correct phone number for voice calls? Please recheck the number, as it’s easy for anyone to make typos.

  3. Did you use the correct email address? The patients who have not received calls may not have answered their phone or their line may have been busy for an extended time.

I would like to change our message recording. How do I do this?

This is easy to do, and is covered in the RemindMemo user manual and tutorials. Sign into your RemindMemo account. On the left is the main menu. Click “Options”. You can upload your new audio greeting here.

Still have Questions? Visit the FAQ page to read more answers

“SMS reminders for outpatient appointments was associated with a reduction in "No-Shows" of 38%, compared to no appointment reminder. SMS appointment reminders seem to be more effective and efficient, than the more traditional reminder systems that have been used in the past.”

Department of Primary Care and Social Medicine, Imperial College London, London, UK

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